I branded the Harris Theater's Beethoven 250 Anniversary Festival and designed merchandise, ads, and collateral based on this. The logo is based on Beethoven's philosophy that music can convey emotion and humanity. With this in mind, the logo is a color based simplification of the iconic painting by Joseph Carl Stieler that we use to imagine his likeness with. The abstract nature of the logo let's us readily reflect our emotion into the icon, with the rich colors suggesting this further. It is able to reference our idea of Beethoven while simultaneously referencing his own goals as an artist. I used the logo set for merchandise such as reveal mugs, tote bags, note cards, enamel pins, and more. Ads I worked on for the festival were shown in O'Hare International Airport, Chicago bus stations billboards, Modern Luxury magazine and more. The entire project was a collaborate effort with the outstanding Harris marketing Team.
These are some of the initial design concepts. Played with how it might look on merchandise as well as printed collateral.
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