I feel strongly that art is a reflection of the artist, and pieces are akin to births as reflections of the artist themselves. Through symbolic clues and marks, the body of work challenges the standard convention of artist and art, and instead presents them as the same. the collection explores this relationship between the artist and their art.
To explore my idea, I depict artists working and express their reflection in art through expressive mark-making. These marks are the ideal vehicle to present the connection between artists and their work as marks seamlessly translate to the feeling of the artist to the piece. These main three elements: the marks, the feeling created, and the working artist subject matter are inseparable in the pieces and the interplay between them encourages the viewer to doubt a boundary between the artist and their art at all.
I examine this in “Florence”, where the piece liltingly invites the viewer to question the relationship between the artist, their thoughts, and the point where work transcends the artist to become “art”. In the piece, the figure is depicted drawing and her marks weave in and out of the foreground and figure, thus creating the illusion that the artist is within the work.
Through pieces like “Grooves” where I am able to visually intertwine artist and art, a commentary on artists being reflected within their work is formed. All the pieces share this intersection, and in their synergy as a body, the viewer can see the feelings evoked by an artist in their work is unique to them in that moment. Art is constantly reflecting life, so the subtle changes in feeling of the piece reflect life’s changes
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