Hi, my name is Audrey. I’m a professional artist, but if you’re on this page you probably know that. Some things you may not know are that I’m a passionate chef, horticulture enthusiast, and frog fan. I love to learn new things, and so exploring new niches of my city, trying new cuisines, or meeting unique people is really exciting to me. As a storyteller, I love to understand the world and people living in it, and so many of the things I enjoy relate to understanding others better. 
My favorite foods include Sichuan style hot pot, ripping hot takoyaki, and my mom's Bolognesse, which if you ask for the recipe I can share with you. Among my favorite plants are cattleya orchids, which are the only kind of orchid with fragrance, mango trees, because hi, mangos are delicious, and catnip, which my cats get all stupid for.
For whatever reason you may be looking at my website, I hope you can enjoy looking through my work, and if you would like to work with me, please reach out!

Artist Statement
My art does not pretend to have answers, rather, it encourages you to ask questions and pursue what captivates you. Whether painting or designing, I’m considering personal yet universal experiences, such as seeing the ocean for the first time or exploring a foggy creek. These are the moments that make us feel alive and allow us to better relate with the world. My passion for creating art is an echo is of these thrilling experiences. By molding my materials in unique ways, I evoke curiosity; with vibrant powerful colors, I engage emotion; and fantastical choices engage inquiry through my work. Wielding the disciplines of painting and design as my mode for investigation, my work retains a childlike wonder that all people can connect with. Working based on my own curiosity, I inspire inquiry and reflection through my work.
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